How to remove wallpaper? like this!

Do you want to give a wall that has been wallpapered a new look with new wallpaper or a wall mural? Then you first need to remove the existing wallpaper from the wall. Wallpapering over old wallpaper is not a good idea, and this has two reasons. Firstly because of the glue layer that you put on the wallpaper to apply the new wallpaper. That glue will soften the existing wallpaper and make the entire wallpaper come loose from the wall. Secondly, bubbles and irregularities in the existing wallpaper can prevent the new wallpaper from sticking evenly and tightly to the wall. And that would be a shame. So: removing the existing wallpaper is the message! But how do you actually start removing wallpaper? We explain it to you step by step!

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Removing wallpaper: the preparation

A good preparation is half the job! Also when removing wallpaper. First, collect all the things you need:

• A plastic tarp to cover everything

• For a small wall: a bucket with a sponge or an empty spray bottle, lukewarm water, wallpaper remover

• For large walls or if the wallpaper is stubbornly stuck: a wallpaper steamer

• A sharp putty knife or wallpaper scraper to scrape off the old wallpaper

• A plant sprayer and washing-up liquid to remove the glue residue

• Putty or wall filler to repair any damage in the wall

You can't just peel off wallpaper. Often you have to soak it thoroughly with water first. That's why it's good to protect the ground and your furniture with a plastic tarp in preparation and turn off the power. To be able to remove the small wallpaper remnants that are behind the baseboards and sockets, it is best to remove them from the wall.

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Step 1: Wet the old wallpaper

Removing wallpaper is a lot easier by moistening it thoroughly first. Is it a small wall that you have to pull the wallpaper from? Then put lukewarm water, possibly mixed with some wallpaper soaking agent, in a plant sprayer or bucket. Wet the wall well with the plant sprayer or a sponge that you have dipped in the bucket. Let the water soak into the wallpaper for a few minutes. Is it wallpaper for large walls? Or is lukewarm water with soaking agent not sufficient? Then visit your local DIY store and rent or buy a wallpaper steamer. Fill the appliance with water and wait until it has heated up sufficiently. Place the steamer against the wall and hold it until the wallpaper softens and loosens. This usually takes a few seconds.

Step 2: Remove the old wallpaper from the wall

Has the wallpaper become soft and loose? Then you can start by removing the old wallpaper. Grab the wallpaper in one of the bottom corners and slowly pull it away from the wall. Do this diagonally from bottom to top, this way there is a greater chance that all wallpaper strips will come along at once. Does the wallpaper not come off so easily? Then take the putty knife or wallpaper scraper and carefully loosen the wallpaper with it. Proceed slowly and carefully, so that you do not cause unnecessary damage to the wall.

Step 3: Remove the adhesive residue from the wall

When the wallpaper has been removed, it’s time to take care of the glue layer or glue residue that is under the wallpaper. Take an empty plant sprayer and fill it with warm water and some dish soap. Spray this mixture on the glue residue and let it soak in for a few minutes. The glue residue will come off on its own.

Step 4: Still some damage in the wall? Easily fixed!

Do you see a crack or damage on the wall here and there? If you want to wallpaper again, it is better to repair the wall first and make it nice and even. It is best to use filler if it concerns small irregularities or wall filler if it concerns larger holes. Let the material dry thoroughly and sand it well before you start wallpapering.

If you follow these steps, removing wallpaper will be a breeze. And you can get started to give your wall a new look! Haven't chosen a new wallpaper yet? Get inspired by the wallpaper trends of 2022. Or how about a wall mural? All our wallpaper and wall murals are printed on sturdy non-woven wallpaper of the highest quality. Take a look at our wide collection of wallpapers and wall murals, you will surely find what you are looking for.


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