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30 x Living room wall murals: inspiration and ideas


Do you want your living room to feel more spacious or, quite the opposite, more inviting? Our wall murals can do both. Botanic prints are trending right now, but wall murals with landscapes or forests look equally great in the living room. For those who want to go a step further, we have a beautiful selection of wall murals with exotic animals. Why not decorate the wall behind your sofa with a lion on photo wall murals? We promise the result will be impressive.

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#1. Wall murals Watercolor tropical

Living room wallpapers Watercolor tropical

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#2. Wall murals Rugged Landscape of Fjadrargljufur Canyon in Iceland

Living room wall murals Rugged Landscape

#3. Wall murals beautiful natural background

Living room wall murals dandelion flower

If done right, wall murals can cozy up a big loft, or add more depth to a small apartment. The details of our wallpapers are so realistic that it almost seems like you can step into the picture. Do you have any children or pets running around in the living room? Then opt for photo wallpaper with a washable protective layer. This way, your wall murals will continue to shine for years to come. Click below for more wall mural inspiration.

#4. Wall murals King lion face

Wall murals for living room Lion

#5. Wallpapers Botanical seamless tropical pattern

Living room wallpapers Botanical seamless tropical pattern

#6. Wall murals fog covering the mountain forest

Wall murals for living room Forest in fog

#7 Photo wall murals mountain landscape

Living room photo wall murals mountain landscape

In terms of beauty few places can compare with the vast natural beauty of the Canadian mountains. Enjoy their magnificent view now in your living room with this realistic mountain landscape on photo wallpaper.

View the Living room Wall murals Mountains

#8 Wall murals foggy forest

Photo wall murals Living room foggy forest

The depth-effect of this wallpapers of a foggy forest is so real that you are starting to doubt if we really are in the living room. Its soothing effect isn’t deniable.

View the Wall murals Forest in fog

#9 Art deco wallpapers

Art deco wallpapers Living room

Bring the glamour of the roaring twenties into your home with an art deco wallpaper. The sparkling golden prints and clean lines fill your home with nostalgic charm.

View the Wallpapers Art deco

#10 Scandinavian winter landscape wallpapers

Scandinavian winter landscape wallpapers Living room

With this Scandinavian wallpaper on the wall you no longer have to look out your window to enjoy a beautiful winter landscape. The simplistic illustrations enfold your home in tranquility.

View the Wallpapers Scandinavian style

#11 Wall murals fall landscape

Photo wall murals Living room fall landscape

There are not many nature phenonema that can exceed the beauty of a fall landscape. With this breath taking photo wallpaper you can enjoy the beauty of the fall, throughout the whole year. Bedroom, kitchen of living room? You choose!

View the Wall murals Autumn

#12 Desert island wall murals

Desert island photo wall murals Living room

Feel like your interior needs a make-over? Be inspired by the desolate mountain ranges and unspoiled natural landscapes of magical Iceland. With this desert island on a photo wallpaper, you won’t recognize your living room!

View the Wall murals island

#13 Old clock on wall murals

Old clock on photo wall murals for living room

Bring a bit of vintage to your interior with this old clock on photo wallpaper. The antique appearance from a beautiful contrast with it sleek lines and the subdued color palette of a modern living room.

View the Wall murals retro

#14 Mountain valley on wall murals

Mountain valley on wall murals for living room

Create a new feeling of space with this mountain valley on photo wallpaper. The intense colours and lifelike details will bring this magnificent panorama come to live. Exceptional beauty in an industrial loft.

View the Wall murals mountains

#15 Scandinavian mountain wallpapers

Scandinavian mountain wallpapers for living room

Is your living room furnished in a neutral colour palette? Maybe you can make your walls the eye-catcher. Provide them with a dash of color with a Scandinavian print wallpaper.

View the Wallpapers Scandinavian style

#16 Wallpapers with white roses

Living room wallpapers with white roses

Floral wallpaper doesn't need bright colors to stand out. This wallpaper with white roses draws attention with its puristic drawing style and modest color palette.

View the Wallpapers roses

#17 Wall murals with autumn forest

Living room wall murals with an autumn forest

This breathtaking photo wallpaper displays autumn in all its beauty. That golden glow, beautiful light show, .... we are short of eyes! You can be sure: you never get bored with the photo wallpaper of an autumn forest.

View the Wall murals Autumn

#18 African lion on wall murals

African lion on Photo wall murals Living room

A black and white interior radiates pure luxury. Add a dramatic element to it with this African lion on photo wallpaper. The dark background of it will form a beautiful contrast with the light coloured floor and furniture.

View the Wall murals Lion

#19 Wall murals with tidal wave

Wall murals Living room with tidal wave

An impressive artwork which literally splashes of your wall. We can only be amazed by this splashing tidal wave on photo wallpaper. The ocean displaying its awesome power.

View the Wall murals Sea / Ocean

#20 Wallpapers with mountains

Wallpapers Living room with mountains

You are looking for an eye catcher that will spice up the room a little bit? This wallpaper with mountains in Japanese style will attract the attention, but will create a relaxing atmosphere at the same time.

View the Wallpapers Mountains

#21 Abstract floral wallpapers

Abstract floral wallpaper Living room

A masterpiece in your living room? Dare to go out of your comfort zone. This abstract floral wallpaper with hand-drawn illustrations has much more impact than just another painting.

View the Wallpapers Floral prints

#22 Foggy lake on wall murals

Foggy lake on wall murals for Living room

The unearthly beauty of a foggy lake on a winter morning. The dim light of this foggy lake on photo wallpaper imparts a mysterious atmosphere to your living room. Create peace in your head and your interior.

View the Wall murals Pier

#23 Wall murals with zebras

Living room Wall murals with zebras

Get your eye catcher in your home with this herd of wild zebras on photo wallpaper. The black and white stripe pattern fits every kind of interior. Did you know the stripes of each zebra are unique?

View the Wall murals Zebra

#24 Floral wallpapers

Floral wallpapers for Living room

A refined floral print on a dark background. This luxurious wallpaper proves that floral prints are not only reserved for the romantic types.

View the Wallpapers flowers

#25 Wallpapers with cherry blossoms and birds

Wallpapers for living room with cherry blossoms and birds

Nothing better than flowers to brighten up your living room! And we're not just talking about a bouquet on the coffee table. Go big and decorate the wall behind your sofa with this beautiful combination of birds and cherry blossoms on wallpaper.

View the Wallpapers Japanese style

#26 Golden Gate Bridge wall murals

Golden Gate Bridge Living room wall murals

The Golden Gate Bridge is perhaps the most famous bridge in the world. This impressive building has now become the icon of San Francisco. The bright red color of this Golden Gate Bridge on photo wallpaper contrasts beautifully with the black and white mist landscape.

View the Wall murals bridges

#27 Buddhist monks on photo wall murals

Buddhist monks on photo wall murals Living room

Return to the essence. These Buddhist monks on photo wallpaper will remind you every day to think about the things that really matter. Enjoy the little things in live, like this wonderful decorated photo wall.

View the Wall murals buddha

#28 Wall murals Andalusian horse

Wall murals Andalusian horse for Living room

An accent wall is the most ideal way to create some warmth in a sleek and modern interior. This black and white photo wallpaper of a Andalusian horse will draw inevitably the attention but also will complement your minimalistic style seamlessly.

View the Wall murals Horses

#29 Wallpapers with cherry blossoms

Wallpapers for living room with cherry blossoms

Flowers don't just look good on your coffee table, but also on your wall. This wallpaper with cherry blossoms gives your living room that inviting, homely atmosphere that is typical for Japanese interiors.

View the Wallpapers Flowers

#30 Wallpapers watercolour leaves

Wallpapers Living room watercolour leaves

Botanical prints are often thought of as being bold and attention-grabbing, but not so for this leaf print wallpaper. Thanks to the subdued water colour tones, the wallpaper easily blends in with the rest of your interior.

View the Wallpapers planten

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