Deco trend: minimalist posters

Decorate a modern interior? Opt for minimalist framed posters. The ultimate combination of a sleek look and homy atmosphere. Minimalist art is often referred to as ‘less is more’. Think abstract shapes, clean lines and a subdued colour scheme. Minimalist posters declutter your interior and mind. Exactly the kind of relaxation you’re craving when coming home after a busy day at work.

Framed poster Trendy abstract aesthetic creative minimalist artistic hand drawn composition

Minimalist posters for an artistic effect

Do you too believe that beauty lies within imperfection? Then you will definitely like our minimalist posters. The hand-drawn illustrations give your interior an artistic and personal touch. The seemingly nonchalant way in which the lines are drawn keeps your interior from looking too composed. Geometric posters can extend a black and white interior look or add a contrasting colour accent. The choice is yours.

Framed poster Trendy abstract creative minimalist artistic hand drawn composition

On the dresser or wall? Get creative with minimalist posters

Spotted a nice drawing? Then you just need to decide where you are going to hang your framed poster. Or not. Of course, you can hang your minimalist posters on the wall, but they look equally good on a dresser, shelf or even on the floor. Feeling creative? Then order a complete set at once. Combine minimalist posters in various sizes for the most appealing effect.

Framed poster Trendy abstract creative minimalist artistic hand drawn composition

Your minimal poster professionally framed

Abstract art looks better in a frame. That’s why you are given the option to have your poster professionally framed in a black wooden frame with white passe-partout. This way, you can immediately display it on your walls for everyone to see. By the way, did you know that our minimalist framed posters are available in no less than 20 different sizes? Landscape, portrait or square; with our minimalist posters the options are endless.

Framed poster Trendy abstract creative minimal artistic hand painted composition


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