Style your kitchen with pictures of herbs

Give your kitchen or dining room a colorful eye-catcher with a photo of colorful herbs and spices. The beautiful color palette makes you instantly happy and you can almost smell the tasty scents of cinnamon, basil and rosemary, among others. A must-have for every spice lover! Choose a type of material to have your favorite photo of herbs or spices printed on and receive your customized photo at home within a few days.

Canvas prints Herbs and spices for cooking on dark background

1. Herbs and spices on canvas

This colourful canvas print with a photo of herbs and spices on a dark background is a must-have for every spice lover. The beautiful colour palette makes you instantly happy. You can almost smell the tasty scents of cinnamon, rosemary and basil!

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Wall murals Asian or indian seasoning, background with various condiments for food, oriental theme with spices

2. Wall mural with herbs and spices

A great way to add some colour to your kitchen is this beautiful wall mural with herbs and spices. The brown, red and soft green tones are perfect for adding more colour and warmth to a contemporary or Scandinavian interior.

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Brushed aluminium prints Spices and herbs on table. Food and cuisine ingredients with basil

3. Herbs and spices brushed aluminum print

This photo of various herbs and spices on brushed aluminum gives the kitchen or dining room a fresh touch. The brushed aluminum ensures that the rough structure of the aluminum plate remains visible and allows the details of the photo to come out perfectly.

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Framed poster Hand drawn spring onions bunch

4. Framed poster with an illustration of onions

Timeless framed poster with a black and white illustration of a bunch of onions. This framed poster looks great on its own, but you can also combine it with other posters to create a gallery wall full of fresh kitchen ingredients. Ideal to dress up that empty wall in the kitchen or dining room.

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Printed kitchen splashbacks Colorful collection spices and herbs on background black table

5. Printed kitchen splash back with herbs and spices

Give your kitchen a tasty eye-catcher with a photo of colourful herbs and spices, printed on a sturdy glass splash back. Not only good for endless cooking inspiration, but also a handy way to protect the walls behind your kitchen counter against water and cooking stains.

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Furniture stickers Panorama spices and herbs for food labels. Seasonings and flavors background

6. Furniture sticker with herbs and spices

You don’t like a plain countertop or kitchen cupboard? Then pimp them with a colourful furniture sticker with herbs and spices. The stickers remain beautiful and colourfast, even in rooms with a lot of moisture and heat. Sticker the entire cabinet or decorate just a few drawers for a more subtle effect.

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Wall Circles Colorful spices and herbs background. large set of seasonings in cups, top view

7. Acrylic wall circle with spice jars print

A colourful acrylic print with all kinds of jars of fragrant spices and herbs. Anise, mint, dill, thyme… can you already smell the delicious scents? This acrylic print is available as a wall circle, but also as a square or rectangle. Perfect to give your kitchen or dining room a delicious look.

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