7 x original ideas with peacock photo decoration

Looking for a way to give your interior more color in a stylish way? With decorative peacock pictures on the wall you let your interior shine like never before. Graceful, colorful and charming… The peacock is one of the most photogenic stars of the bird kingdom for a reason! With 7 original examples we give you an idea how you can decorate your interior with peacock photo decoration and be as proud as a peacock!

Printed bathroom splashbacks illustration for greeting cards, big bird and peacock blue flowers

1. Acrylic glass shower wall with Peacock

Most bathrooms have a clean look and little color. With this acrylic glass shower wall with peacock, you add a special eye-catcher to your bathroom. A nice alternative to classic ceramic tiles. Install them in the shower and give your bathroom a unique atmosphere that you can enjoy for years to come.

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Wall murals peacock feather

2. Peacock wall mural

Take your interior to the next level with a beautiful peacock wall mural. With this large colorful close-up of peacock feathers, your living room gets more color and more atmosphere in an original way. In your peacock photo wallpaper collection, you can find the most diverse peacock photos. Choose your favorite, order your photo wallpaper with peacock tailored to your walls and brighten up that bare wall in no time.

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Brushed aluminium prints White peacock with feathers out

3. Brushed aluminum print Peacock living room

Thanks to its proud yet refined appearance, the peacock is very popular with professional photographers and interior designers. With a peacock print on brushed aluminum you can give your living room a completely new look without much effort. This photo of a white peacock with outstretched feathers is perfect for adding an atmospheric and trendy accent to your modern living room. Because the material is brushed aluminum, the print has a contemporary, metallic look.

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Acrylic prints Peafowl portrait with on black background

4. Acrylic print Peacock dining room

Give your dining room a luxurious touch with a personalized peacock acrylic print. The perfect choice if you are looking for a unique piece of art for that one empty space on the wall. The high-gloss and professional finish give your peacock acrylic print a high-quality look. Your peacock acrylic print is custom-made, so that it fits exactly into your interior.

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Window stickers Border in chinoiserie style with herons, peacock and peonies

5. Window sticker with Peacock in the bathroom

The maximalist interior style - in contrast to a minimalist interior - is gaining in popularity. And we love it! This window sticker with a beautiful peacock drawing is perfect to give your bathroom such a colorful, maximalist look. The vintage look of this peacock window sticker provides a charming touch. When ordering your peacock window sticker, choose transparent material to ensure that the drawing is visible from both sides.

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Garden poster beautiful peacock

6. Garden poster with Peacock in your garden

Give your garden or patio a colorful touch with a peacock garden poster. A garden poster with peacock is ideal to brighten up your bare wooden fence or outside wall. This beautiful bird of paradise with its beautiful feathers not only gives your garden more color, but also a warm, paradisiacal appearance. We make your garden poster with peacock exactly to size for your garden, terrace or balcony – up to 10 meters long!

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Wall Circles Golden peacock

7. Wall circle with Peacock in the bedroom

Looking for a trendy way to give your bedroom more atmosphere? Go for a wall circle with a photo of a peacock. The beautiful colors and lifelike details of your peacock wall circle let your walls speak like never before. Order your wall circle with peacock on a material of your choice and personalize it completely according to your wishes. This peacock wall circle, made of self-adhesive photo wallpaper, is finished with a beautiful satin-like appearance.

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