Top 20 canvas photo decoration

A photo on canvas: the ultimate classic among wall decoration. Canvas wall decoration has not only been popular for years, this type of wall decoration also lasts for years. Timeless and sustainable. A photo on canvas can vary from a small and charming to a big eye-catcher and the best part is that you can easily hang it on any type of wall: all you need is a few hooks and plugs in the wall and you're done. ! In our wide photo range you will find a lot of high-quality photos, illustrations and images to order on canvas in a format of your choice. No time to look for a beautiful photo to print on canvas? Below you can view a selection of 20 beautiful types of photos on canvas that you can find in our webshop. Each one is atmospheric, timeless and special. Get inspired and order your custom canvas photo today!

1. Canvas print Scottish highlander

Bring the rustic charm of the Scottish countryside into your home with a canvas photo of a Scottish highlander. This photogenic beast has a slightly rough, but friendly appearance. Perfect to create an inviting environment where peace and authenticity are central. Whether you go for a colored or black and white photo of a Scottish highlander, a Scottish highlander on canvas is always a gem.

Canvas prints Schottisches Hochlandrind im Wald

Canvas prints Beautiful horned Highland Cattle enjoying the Sunrise on a Frozen Meadow in the Italian Dolomites

Canvas prints Schottisches Hochlandrind (Bos taurus) im Portrait vor dunklem Hintergrund

2. Canvas print Elephant

Elephants are one of wildlife photographers' favorite animals. The great size of the animal in contrast to its gentle nature gives the beast a beautiful appearance. With a photo on canvas of an elephant, you simply bring that beautiful look to your interior. A special eye-catcher that gives every room a lot more charm.

Canvas prints Walking Elephant

3. Canvas print Lion

The lion, the king of the animal kingdom, is an animal that exudes confidence and pride. With his golden mane and warm gaze, how could it not. Enrich your interior with such a warm atmosphere by means of a lion canvas print. A true work of art that immediately gives every room in the house a lot more character.

Canvas prints portrait of a lion

Canvas prints portrait of a lion

4. Canvas print Deer

Do you want to give your interior a rural look? Then a canvas print of a deer is ideal. Deer are common in forests and woodlands in Europe, South America and Asia. A worldly animal with an elegant appearance. Their antlers are often used to hang on the wall as a hunting trophy. Would you rather see this animal hopping around alive in nature? Then go for the more modern version and choose a deer canvas print.

Canvas prints Rothirsch

Canvas prints Red Deer in Morning Sun

Canvas prints Red deer portrait with black background

Canvas prints Deer Bathed in Sun rays

As you can see, the animal kingdom is often a great source of inspiration for photographers and interior designers. Not only Scottish highlanders, elephants, lions or deer, but also other animals such as leopards and flamingos do particularly well as a canvas wall decoration. Curious about our best-selling animal photos?

Then take a look at the collection: Canvas print Bestsellers Animals.

5. Canvas print Forests

Do you also like long walks in the woods? Bringing the peace and serenity of nature into your home is best done with a canvas print of forests. In the collection Canvas prints Forests you will find the most beautiful pictures of forest landscapes. You can go for a canvas print of a summer green forest with flowers in full bloom. But also an autumn forest landscape with rays of warm sunlight. Whatever you choose, a forest canvas print is guaranteed to give your interior a natural and soothing look.

Canvas prints Beautiful Forest

Canvas prints Idyllischer Wald mit Bach und Sonne

6. Canvas print Misty forest

In addition to a canvas print with forests, the collection of canvas prints with Misty Forest is an absolute bestseller. In this collection you will see photos of forests shrouded in fog on a lake, on mountains or in a valley. The fog creates a mysterious, but fairytale-like atmosphere.

Canvas prints Wschód słońca ,Jaworzyna Krynicka,Beskid Sądecki,małopolska

7. Canvas print Waterfalls

A canvas print with waterfalls is just what you need if you're looking for a colorful, yet soothing addition to your home decor. In the Canvas prints Waterfalls collection you will find many idyllic landscapes with waterfalls from all over the world. Perfect for dressing up that one empty spot in the bathroom, bedroom or workspace.

Canvas prints Wonderful Waterfall with rainbows in deep forest at national par

8. Canvas print North Sea Netherlands

There are beautiful tropical beaches in exotic places, but the most beautiful, rugged beaches are to be found on the North Sea in the Netherlands. Would you like to stay near the North Sea, to relax on the beach or in the cool water of this rough sea? Then bring that wonderfully relaxed feeling to your home with a canvas print of Noorzee Netherlands. Prefer a photo of a more tropical beach? Or a specific beach you've ever been on vacation? View the Beach canvas prints page and discover the different collections of beach photos that you can have custom printed on canvas.

Canvas prints Sonnenuntergang an der Ostsee

Canvas prints Sunset at the dune beach

Canvas prints Sand dunes on the beach at sunset

A beautiful landscape is ideal to create a relaxing environment. In addition to canvas prints of forests, waterfalls and the North Sea, we have many other landscapes to print on canvas. You can find it on the Canvas prints Landscape page. The most beautiful and popular landscape photos?

Then take a look at the collection Canvas prints Bestsellers Landscapes.

9. Canvas print World Map

Whether you're a real globetrotter or just very adventurous, a canvas print of a world map is perfect to reflect your worldly spirit in your interior. In the Canvas print World Map collection you will find world maps in a variety of colors and styles, from detailed geographic maps to vintage world maps and world maps for the nursery, perfect for printing on canvas in a format of your choice.

Canvas prints World Map Vintage Political - Vector Detailed Illustration - Layers

10. Canvas print Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous symbols of San Francisco and California. The beautiful red suspension bridge, which is one of the seven modern wonders of the world, was built in the 1930s. Are you a fan of California or do you just want to give your interior a modern eye-catcher with a touch of color? Then a photo of the Golden Gate Bridge is ideal.

Canvas prints The Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset, San Francisco , CA

11. Canvas print Brooklyn Bridge

Looking for a way to give your interior a timeless industrial look? Then hang a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge on canvas against the wall. With a canvas print of the Brooklyn Bridge you have an iconic piece of art that you will enjoy. Also when New York has stolen your heart, a canvas print of the Brooklyn Bridge is a nice addition to your interior.

Canvas prints Brooklyn bridge of New York City

Looking for another bridge to embellish your interior? The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, for example, the Tower Bridge in London or the Pont Alexandre III in Paris? Be sure to check out the Canvas print Bridges page.

12. Canvas print Lavender

A canvas print of lavender is ideal for bringing the atmosphere of Provence into your home. Can you smell the wonderful lavender scent? On the Canvas Print Lavender page you will find beautiful lavender landscapes, but also charming close-ups of lavender bushes. Hang it on an empty spot on the wall and immediately give the room more color atmosphere.

Canvas prints Stunning landscape with lavender field at sunrise

13. Canvas print Poppies

Poppies are beautiful red flowers that often grow in the wild. A canvas print of poppies immediately gives your interior a summery feeling. Go for a close-up of some poppies or a dreamy field of poppies. Whatever you choose, your poppy canvas print will brighten up the whole room.

Canvas prints poppy red

Canvas prints Amazing beautiful multitude of poppies growing in a field of wheat at sunrise with dew drops

Flowers on canvas in your interior is always a good idea. Curious about our other collections of flowers on canvas?

Choose your favorite here: Canvas prints Flora.

14. Canvas print Watercolor portrait

Are you more into paintings? Get the look and feel of a real painting with a canvas print with Watercolor Portrait. In the collection Canvas prints Watercolor portrait you will find beautiful watercolor drawings, mainly of women, each of which can give your interior an artistic feminine charm.

Canvas prints Beautiful woman face. watercolor illustration

15. Canvas print Women

The next in line is a canvas print with Women. These artistic photos are among the most popular collection in the entire webshop. A canvas print from this collection will add a touch of feminine and mysterious beauty to your interior. Not only good for decorating your home, these gems also come into their own in a beauty salon or barber shop.

Canvas prints Woman with golden accents

16. Canvas print Bestsellers theme

This beautiful atmospheric canvas prints shows some young Buddhist monks with red umbrellas walking down an aisle. Hang this canvas print in your living room and the space will immediately get an inspiring and worldly look. This photo is from the Canvas prints Bestsellers theme collection, where you can find a collection of the most popular and best-selling photos from the Theme main collection.

Canvas prints The boys of buddhist monks

17. Canvas print Hot peppers

A canvas print of a hot pepper against the wall, that's all you need to spice up your interior! Hang it in the kitchen or dining room or wherever there is a greater need for color. By the way, did you know that red is a color that stimulates the appetite? With a canvas print of hot peppers against the wall, that plate of spaghetti will taste even better!

Canvas prints Red hot pepperoni

18. Canvas print Aroma

canvas print with Aroma is perfect to decorate your kitchen or restaurant. The canvas prints Aroma collection is full of colorful photos of aromatic herbs and spices that give the space a colorful and tasty look. Choose your favorite and personalize it so that it fits perfectly into your interior.

Canvas prints Various herbs and spices

19. Canvas print Amsterdam

Amsterdam, a metropolis full of character and authenticity. Are you a big fan of Amsterdam and do you want a characteristic image of the Dutch capital in your interior? Then a canvas print of Amsterdam is an excellent choice. The atmospheric canals in the historic center with beautiful houses and streets form the perfect picture to give your home an authentic atmosphere.

Canvas prints Amsterdam at night

20. Canvas print South Africa

South Africa is a country with beautiful wild nature and an impressive cultural past. Anyone who has ever traveled to South Africa can attest to that. Have you ever been to South Africa or is it your dream to travel there one day? Show that in your interior with a photo on canvas of South Africa.

Canvas prints family of elephants



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