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4 ideas to upgrade your door with door stickers


Do you want to give the boring plain doors in your home or office some more character? Then a door sticker is the ideal solution! Browse through the wide collection of Door Stickers and make your choice from millions of high-quality photos to order on a custom door sticker. With such a wide range, there is something for everyone! Can't see the trees for the forest anymore? We have listed 4 nice door sticker ideas for you below. Get inspired and shop your custom door sticker today!

1. Door sticker old door

Not everyone is blessed with a characterful home. Do you have a fairly sleek and modern interior, with boring white doors that you want to give a little more appearance? Then decorate the doors with a door sticker with an old door. In the collection of Door Stickers Old Door you will find many beautiful photos of atmospheric old doors that give your home a lot more character. You can crop every photo you see and order it to size down to the centimeter. You can easily enter the dimensions of your door and select the part of the photo that you want to order on the door sticker. Handy, right? To ensure that the door sticker you order fits nicely, we recommend adding 2 cm to the width and height of your door. If the door sticker turns out to be too big, you can easily cut off the edges with a sharp utility knife.

2. Door sticker wood

Head over heels in love with wooden doors? A budget-friendly and quick solution is to wrap your doors with door stickers with the texture of wood. The Wood Door Stickers collection contains dozens of beautiful photos of wood textures in all kinds of colors and styles that you can order on a custom door sticker. From a white-painted wood structure to the texture of herringbone parquet. Choose the wood look you want to give your door and order your custom door sticker. You can also easily wrap your doors with door stickers yourself. And without the risk of air bubbles. Follow the simple mounting instructions for stickers and preferably work with two people, then nothing can go wrong.

3. Door sticker nature

Door stickers with nature photos also do very well. Nature photos have a peaceful look and can fill the whole room with a relaxing atmosphere. It is therefore not surprising that the collection of Door Stickers Nature is one of the most popular in our webshop. Do you want to give the room a more spacious feeling? Then choose a photo of a vast natural landscape or a nature photo with a lot of depth. The collection of Door Stickers Nature, but also the collection of Door Stickers Bestsellers Landscapes contains a lot of atmospheric photos with an impressive depth effect. This makes it seem as if the doors disappear and you can step into the landscape! The excellent print quality and phenomenal colors and details further enhance this effect.

4. Door sticker toilet

Door stickers are the ideal way to give your washroom more atmosphere. The Toilet Door Stickers collection contains the most beautiful photos of landscapes and animals that give your toilet that little bit more appearance, but also funny photos of a lady in the toilet. The collection Door Stickers Funny Dog also contains a lot of nice door stickers that are perfect to pimp your toilet door. Prefer your own pet on a door sticker? Then you can also upload your own photo to have it printed on a custom door sticker. Oh yes, our door stickers have a washable laminate layer that protects them against water, dirt and grease. This allows you to use your door sticker without any worries to decorate your toilet door, but also your bathroom door or exterior doors. Is your door sticker dirty? Then you simply clean it with a mild detergent and a damp cloth.

Ready for new doors? Turn them into a real work of art with door stickers. Click the button below to order your custom door decal today.



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