4 x red as a statement color in your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the nicest rooms to spend time in. And that's not surprising: it is often the place where you get together with family or friends, have pleasant conversations and celebrate fun moments. You start the day with a cup of coffee and start the weekend on Friday with a good glass of wine. Of course that is even more fun to do in a beautifully decorated kitchen that radiates atmosphere and hospitality. Is your kitchen soberly furnished and do you feel the urge for more color and vibrancy? Go for one striking color accent: red! Below we show you 4 ways in which you can integrate this color in the kitchen to your taste, even if you have limited space in the kitchen.

Red: the perfect color accent for your kitchen

The color red is a striking color that represents strength and energy. Red brightens up any room and stimulates the appetite. So there is no better color to decorate your kitchen with! Now you don't have to put your entire kitchen in a red jacket right away. Just one red accent against the wall is enough to give the kitchen more life. From a trendy red wall circle to an entire wall with red wallpaper. With this red kitchen decoration you can easily bring more life in the brewery - without taking up space!

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1. A printed kitchen splash back with red

The first way to integrate a red color accent into your kitchen is a red printed kitchen splash back. A splashback behind your stove is indispensable if you want to protect your kitchen walls against grease and dirt. A printed kitchen splash back is a splashback of ultra-strong glass, on which you can have any photo printed. A stylish photo of a glass of red wine? Or a beautiful red flower field? In the collection of printed kitchen splash back with red you will find the most beautiful photos to give a striking red statement to your kitchen.

Printed kitchen splashbacks French dry red wine, pours into glass, trendy pink background, space for text, selective focus

2. Wall decoration with red photo

Giving your wall a vibrant red color accent is also easy with personalized custom wall decoration. Did you know that red also stands for vitality and health? Instantly brightens up the kitchen! View the photos from the Red collection and have them printed on a material of your choice. Choose from no less than 8 types of material, each with its own character. Do you like cool and clean? Then a red photo on aluminum is for you. Would you like a glossy, razor-sharp photo that emphasizes the red colors? Then choose a red photo on acrylic glass. Are you more into a natural look? Then go for a red photo on canvas.

Aluminium Prints Many ripe juicy red apples covered with water drops as background

3. A printed roller blind with a red photo

printed roller blind is also an easy and original way to give your kitchen a striking red statement. Have you had enough of that bright red color? Then simply roll up your printed roller blind completely and enjoy the view from your window. Do you want to order such a nice red printed roller blind? Choose a beautiful photo from the Red printed roller blind collection and personalize it completely to your liking. We custom print your printed roller blind down to the cm, so you can be sure that your printed roller blind will fit your window perfectly.

Printed roller blinds Red sky

4. Red wallpaper in the kitchen

More a fan of red patterns than photos? Red wallpaper is also an easy way to give your kitchen a cheerful red accent. Wallpaper is back, and the choice of patterns and styles is huge. From retro red floral wallpaper to wallpaper with a bright red geometric pattern: there is something for everyone's taste and interior style. Place your red wallpaper over an entire wall or part of the wall to create a subtle accent.

Wallpaper murals Valentine's Day pattern


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