Deco idea: art on your curtains

Looking for new custom curtains? When choosing curtains, it is important to know what options there are. You can go for plain curtains or curtains with a pattern, but did you know that there are also curtains with an image or photo? In this blog we are going to talk about these kinds of curtains, more specifically about curtains with an image of a work of art printed on it. In our webshop you will find a lot of interesting collections with curtains in a certain art style, from curtains with Pop art print to curtains with minimalist art. What better way to give your interior a stylish artistic touch. In this blog we highlight five of those curtain collections. Watch and be inspired.

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1. Curtains minimalist art

Is your interior sleek and modern? Then choose curtains with minimalist art. Minimalist art looks stylish, discreet and can best be described as 'less is more'. Think simple compositions with hand-drawn lines and abstract shapes. The color palette is mainly sober with lots of beige and black. Here and there you see a color return such as orange or turquoise, but the whole always looks soft and calm. Ideal to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you can relax.

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Custom printed curtains Trendy abstract

2. Curtains abstract art

The next series of curtains is not for wallflowers! In contrast to our minimalist curtains, the collection of abstract art curtains can best be described as 'more is more'. You see busy graphic illustrations with surprising shapes and many bright colors such as rose, purple and blue. These curtains fit in well with the maximalist interior trend, where colors are allowed to clash and you can mix and match different styles as much as you want. Personally, we would keep the rest of the room sober if you go for this type of curtain, but you can of course also go full for maximalism and combine even more colorful home accessories with it.

Custom printed curtains Colored abstract design

3. Curtains line art

With our curtains with line art we go back to minimalism. Line art is a form of minimalist art, in which lines are merged in a subtle way and a playful line drawing is created. What is so special about this art form is that the line drawing is sometimes put on paper in just one movement – without lifting the pen or pencil. Curtains with line art are curtains with beautiful artistic patterns that give your interior a contemporary look. Do you like the pure look of white? Be sure to also take a look at the collection of curtains a line, where you will find a lot of white curtains with stylish line art.

Custom printed curtains Floral

4. Curtains Pop art

Pop art curtains bring life to the brewery. Pop Art is a cheerful figurative drawing style with bright colors that is so typical of the 60s. With curtains with Pop Art print you create a unique interior with a nod to the sixties. Pop art print curtains are perfect for giving your spaces a personal look. The Dutch soap series GTST has also understood this. The makers of GTST ordered some nice curtains and decorative cushions with Pop art print from us, for the living room of the characters Steef and Abby. Do you also want this at home? You can find yourself in the collection curtains GTST – Dutch series.

Custom printed curtains Vector pop art surprised girl

5. Curtains Watercolor portrait

Curtains with watercolor portraits are perfect to give the room a touch of elegance. The collection is full of watercolor illustrations of female beauties. Both abstract portraits in sober tones and colorful portraits with a lot of details. Let your imagination run wild and choose the curtains that most appeal to you. Do you want to complete it all? Finish your interior with a pair of watercolor portrait decorative cushions on the sofa.

Custom printed curtains beautiful woman

Whichever artsy curtains you choose, you will always create a quirky living style to be jealous of. You can also have your custom curtains measured down to the centimeter, and you can always choose from a translucent or blackout fabric. Click the button below and start customizing your curtains:



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