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How to shorten curtains? A step-by-step guide to perfectly trimming curtains.


Curtains are essential decoration elements in any living space. They not only add aesthetics, but also provide privacy and light regulation. However, sometimes they can be too long and it is necessary to shorten them. With this step-by-step guide you can shorten your curtains perfectly.

Curtains with winter snow

Step 1: Measure the correct length of the curtains.

Before you start shortening curtains, you must first determine the desired length. Use a measuring tape to measure the curtain length and determine how much you want to shorten them.

Step 2: Prepare the necessary materials.

Make sure you have everything you need on hand: a sewing machine (although you can shorten without one), measuring tape, chalk or marker, and a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 3: Mark the desired length of the curtains.

Once you have determined the correct length, use chalk or a marker to mark a straight line on the fabric where you want to cut.

Step 4: Cut the curtains to size.

Carefully cut along the marked line with sharp scissors. Make sure you cut straight and steadily to avoid fraying the fabric.

Step 5: Finish the edges of the curtains (optional).

If you want a polished look, create a hem at the bottom of the curtain. You can do this with a sewing machine, or if you don't have one, with a needle and thread. Make sure the hem is even and tight for best results.

Step 6: Hang your perfectly shortened curtains and admire the result!

Now that your curtains are perfectly sized, it's time to hang them and enjoy your renovated space. You will be pleased with the end result and proud that you did it yourself!

Curtains with boho watercolor

Shortening curtains is a simple process that you can do yourself. Follow these steps carefully and you will be able to enjoy beautifully coordinated curtains in your living space in no time!


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