Photo on garden poster

Photo on garden poster Does your garden or balcony need some extra colour? Ever thought of a garden poster by These fantastic posters give your garden allure; they are colourfast for at least 3 years, and resistant to all external agents. The ink, for example, is UV-resistant and any water will have no effect on the quality of the garden poster.

They are printed with a state-of-the-art printer, which can print garden poster up to an impressive 310 cm wide. This size can cover with ease a large fence that would otherwise be bare and boring. The garden poster is soft and flexible but strong at the same time. This means it can take a knock, and may also be bent without problems. As standard, it has a welded and ring holes every 30 cm. A hem tunnel is also available.

The material used is translucent PVC Banner or wind-permeable mesh fabric. The PVC Banner is specially designed for outdoor applications. The mesh fabric is a perforated PVC fabric which allows wind to permeate through small holes. There are advantages to both materials and it is, of course, entirely up to you which one you choose.

Photos on garden posters can also be supplied with an aluminium frame which improves strength. Because the stunning vibrant colours are printed with UV-resistant ink, they can be enjoyed for a long time. The garden poster looks brilliant, and it will certainly not disappoint. The quality you expect from us combined with the competitive price make a garden poster from a ‘must have’.

Our full-colour high-resolution garden posters are 3-year colourfast and water and weather (UV) resistant.
As standard, the posters are hemmed and fitted with ring holes every 30 cm, but custom finishes are available on request.

Made-to-measure, competitively priced, top quality and up to 310 cm wide with unlimited length; photo on garden poster by

Translucent PVC Banner

Garden poster Translucent PVC Banner - This garden poster is translucent, so it allows light but not detailed shapes to pass through it.
- Translucent fabric is soft, flexible and very strong
- TOP print quality
- 3-year colourfast and water and weather (UV) resistant, washable
- Max. size: 310 cm wide, unlimited length
- Easy to hang
- Made to measure garden poster
- This one-sided banner material is for outdoor use
- Fire-retardant B1

Wind-permeable mesh fabric

Garden poster Wind-permeable mesh fabric - This garden poster is wind-permeable and allows light and detailed shapes to pass through it.
- Wind-permeable mesh fabric is a perforated PVC fabric. The small holes make mesh fabrics wind-permeable and lightweight, and they are very strong
- TOP print quality
- 3-year colourfast and water and weather (UV) resistant, washable
- Max. size: 310 cm wide, unlimited length
- Easy to hang
- Made to measure Photo on Garden Poster
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Fire-retardant B1

Tubular frame with fabric

Tubular frame with fabric - Hanging frame with fabric (PVC Banner or mesh fabric) and tensioning runners
- The frame is made-to-measure and easy to install
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Hanging tube frame (for flat, hard surface)
- Includes mounting brackets
- Each frame is made-to-measure and tailored to the needs of the customer
- Dimensions (inner frame dimensions)
- Tube diameter: 42.0 mm

Material and finishing of the Garden Poster:

Photo on garden poster Welded & ring holes every 30 cm
Photo on garden poster Welded & 4 corner ring holes
Photo on garden poster with Tunnel
Photo on garden poster Without finishing
Welded & ring holes every 30 cm Welded & 4 corner ring holes Tunnel above & below
Tunnel left & right
Without finishing

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