6 x summer throw pillows for your sun room and garden

We know, it's still spring! But if you enjoy the sun as much as we do, you are probably already secretly looking forward to summer. Especially those long, sultry summer days that you want to spend as much as possible outside in your garden. Is your garden or sun room ready for summer? Not without some cozy decorative pillows! Decorative pillows are ideal for taking the atmosphere in your garden or house to a higher level. For the upcoming season we have selected a few trendy throw pillows with patterns in 6 unique styles, with which you can make your garden, terrace or sun room completely summer-proof.

1. Tropical throw pillows

How do you add a cozy touch to your interior – both inside and out? One answer: throw pillows! These decorative cushions with tropical patterns not only give your garden lounge a unique, botanical look, but also provide a lot more seating comfort. This way you can enjoy a cozy outdoor dinner or a drink with friends or family even longer. Make a combination of decorative pillows with different tropical patterns to create a playful atmosphere. The combination below of a throw pillow with a tropical print full of exotic plants and animals, a throw pillow with tropical leaves and a throw pillow with tropical paradise flowers shows exactly how it should be done.

Jungle throw pillows

2. Throw pillows Scandinavian style

Throw pillows not only provide extra comfort, but also say something about your own personal style. Can you best describe your style as cheerful and natural? Then Scandinavian-style decorative cushions are the perfect addition to your garden or patio. Is your personality authentic and natural, but those typical Scandinavian pastels are not really your thing? Then ethnic-style throw pillows might be for you. The warm color palette guarantees summer vibes in your garden.

Throw pillows Scandinavian style

3. Japanese throw pillows

We don't always think about it, but decorative throw pillows are the most important home accessory in your home. Even in your sun room or garden, a cozy sitting area is not complete without a few decorative cushions. These Japanese-style throw pillows feature graceful patterns that are inspired by traditional Japanese interior designs - a true feast for the eyes. Place them on your outdoor armchair or sun lounger and immediately give your garden or veranda a trendy and romantic look!

Japanese throw pillows

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4. Flower cushions

Flower patterns in your interior are hipper than ever again. Create a cozy cottage atmosphere in your garden with some throw pillows with small flowers. The perfect colorful touch for your porch or outdoor lounge. The new designs with small, refined flowers are both stylish and romantic and fit perfectly with a botanical or rural interior. Do you prefer a traditional, rural color palette? Then view the collection of throw pillows in country style and have a look around.

Flower pillows

5. Ocean throw pillows

Navy blue, coral red, azure blue, turquoise… The ocean is full of beautiful hues. The ideal colors to decorate your garden, terrace and veranda in spring and summer. A few cushions with ocean animals in your lounger or outdoor sofa are the perfect finish to create a sunny, relaxed atmosphere. Can you feel that gentle sea breeze already?

Ocean throw pillows

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6. Boho throw pillows

Love a charming, casual living style? Decorate your garden or terrace with some boho-style decorative cushions and create your own stylish bohemian sitting area. Ideal to create sufficient comfort, so that you can enjoy an extra-long evening aperitif with your family or friends. Keep those cocktails cold!

Boho throw pillows

In our collection of throw pillows with numerous unique patterns, you will find the best combinations to make your garden or sun room a lot cozier. Each throw pillow is available in 3 sizes and in a soft velvet or shiny satin fabric. Take a look and choose your favorite decorative pillows!


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