Black in the bedroom: instant hotel allures

Decorating your bedroom can be quite a challenge. Because of course you want something trendy, but also something timeless. Are you a fan of black? Then a bedroom with black colors is definitely something for you! Black in the bedroom is stylish, edgy and exudes the luxurious feel of a hotel room. How to incorporate black in your bedroom interior? We show you how!

Black wall murals

For the daring: black wall murals. You may need some guts, but the result is sublime. Black wall murals are not completely black, but contain a beautiful photo with black as main color. Ideal for creating a striking contrast wall. Wallpaper an entire wall in a black wall mural, and the room gets a cozy cocoon feeling. Go for a complete luxurious look by, for example, a wall mural with a black marble look. Or opt for the natural look of a natural landscape during sunset. Do you want to wallpaper a small wall with a black mural? You can. Do you have an extremely high or wide wall that you would like to put in a black jacket? That is also possible! Wall murals are custom made to the size of your walls down to the centimeter. Whatever wall you want to wallpaper, the photo you prefer will always fit.

Wall murals lion portrait

Black and white photos

Is a completely black wall not your thing? Then go for black wall decoration against the wall. A black and white aluminum or acrylic print is timeless and immediately gives your bedroom a stylish look. How about a black and white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge? Or a dreamy black and white photo of a jetty on the coast? You can have all the photos that you see in the Black and White collection printed on a type of material and in a format of your choice. For black and white photos, we prefer acrylic glas or aluminum. An acrylic print is ideal for adding depth and elegance to your space and fits perfectly with the gallery look of black and white photos. Aluminum has a matte appearance and contains a white underlayer, making it the perfect material to highlight the contrast between the black and white tones.

Black photos with women

If you like wall decoration with a feminine flair, be sure to take a look at the Women's collection. Here you will find the most beautiful gems of female models, including many black photos with white or gold accents. Ideal for giving your bedroom an elegant black touch. You can have any photo printed on a material of your choice: from wall murals to a photo on a textile frame, canvas, aluminum or acrylic glass.

Decorative home textiles with black-gold or black-white

Decorative fabrics in the bedroom are always a good idea: a few cozy decorative pillows on the bed, a soft throw with a beautiful pattern, a pair of lavish curtains at the window… For a glamorous effect, it is very nice to add black and gold textile accessories to the bedroom. You can have these curtains with a black gold pattern made to measure and give the bedroom a luxurious feel with real hotel allures. Finish with decorative throw pillows in black and gold to make it a stylish whole.

Do you also want to go for the stylish look of a bedroom with black colors? Then take a look at our Black collection, full of photos that you can have printed on a decoration product of your choice, completely tailored to your interior.



My name is Monia and I am a lover of aesthetics and interior beauty. I specialize in writing texts that capture the essence of modern decoration.

For me, interior decorations are not just objects: they are stories that come to life in every room. Wall murals, window decorations such as stylish curtains or practical roller blinds, as well as unique wall decorations (acrylic prints, canvas prints, aluminum prints) – each of these elements has a story waiting to be told.

What makes my work so special? The collaboration with a great designer Daria with whom I form a complementary duo. Her visions and decoration ideas, combined with my ability to capture their beauty in words, create a unique effect. Together we inspire existing and new customers, giving them a fresh look at decorations.

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