Give your retro bathroom interior more color with these tips

If there is one trend that has made a significant advance in recent years, it is that of vintage furniture and a retro interior. Likewise in the bathroom. The retro bathroom look is characterized by unique second-hand bathroom cabinets, retro mirrors, a bath on legs and vintage design. Are you the proud owner of such a retro style bathroom, but are you still looking for ways to give that bathroom a little more color? Then quickly read the tips below!

Tip 1: Retro bathroom wallpaper

Vintage bathroom furniture often consists of solid wood in a brown or red-orange color. In order not to make it too dark, most people choose to keep the rest of the bathroom white: a white ceiling, white walls, white doors. The result: a retro bathroom that feels somewhat cold and colorless. The solution? Create a colorful accent wall with wallpaper! Discover in the webshop the extensive collection of wallpaper and photo wallpaper in the most beautiful styles and colors. How about a custom-made wall mural with an atmospheric misty forest? Or wallpaper with Portuguese tiles? Wall murals and wallpaper both consist of extremely sturdy non-woven wallpaper and are easy to install yourself. The washable laminate layer protects your bathroom walls against moisture, scratches and dirt. The perfect way to give your retro bathroom a lot more color.

Wall murals Beautiful view of a foggy forest

Wallpaper murals Vector seamless texture. Beautiful mega patchwork pattern for design and fashion with decorative elements

Tip 2: Retro bathroom paintings

You can give your retro bathroom more color by creating a full accent wall, but you can also go a long way with one or a few paintings on the wall. As you can see in the bathroom interior below, an aluminium print in khaki color matches particularly well with dark vintage furniture and weathered white walls. But a photo on a textile frame in vermilion is also perfect to give your retro bathroom a touch of color. In the photo collections of Nikkel Art you can view the most beautiful professional photos per color online and have them made into a custom work of art. From a framed poster with a wooden frame, a crystal-clear acrylic print, to a sleek metal aluminum painting. Each and every one of them beautiful masterpieces of museum quality, which give a retro bathroom an elegant, colorful look.

Aluminium Prints Red deer stag in forest

Tip 3: Retro bathroom printed splash back

A third way to give your retro bathroom more color and a unique look is to place a printed splash back behind your sink, bath or shower. You can choose a photo or image and then have it printed on a splash back of acrylic glass or glass, exactly tailored to your bathroom. Such a splash back not only gives your retro bathroom more color, just like wallpaper and wall murals, it also protects your bathroom walls against moisture and dirt. The acrylic splash back with retro painting that you see below, fits perfectly in a retro bathroom with a vintage botanical look.

Acrylic splashback Mural, photo wallpaper for the room. Leaves on a green background. Background with different branches

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Tip 4: Retro bathroom furniture stickers

Have you been able to find the perfect second-hand bathroom furniture for your retro bathroom, but would you like to give it a warmer look? Then get started with furniture stickers. The collection of vintage style furniture stickers is perfect for adding a colorful vintage touch to that one old bathroom furniture piece. Whether you want furniture stickers for the fronts of your vintage bathroom cabinet or a furniture sticker for the table top of your second-hand washbasin, we make your furniture stickers with a photo or pattern of your choice exactly to size, so that it fits perfectly on every bathroom furniture.

Furniture stickers Ocean floor wallpaper pattern for fish, colorful, coral reefs, aquatic plants

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