4 x the most beautiful decoration for beach vibes in the bathroom

Not planning a holiday this year? Or do you just want to enjoy a wonderful holiday feeling at home all year round? Then bring that summer holiday atmosphere inside with a bathroom that radiates wonderfully sunny beach vibes! A beach-style bathroom is ideal for relaxing and unwinding, just as if you were on vacation! But how do you do that, create such a beach-themed bathroom? With some clever decoration items it is easier than you think.

1. Bathroom splash back ocean wave

Ocean waves are beautiful natural phenomena. The sound of an ocean wave is not only one of the most relaxing sounds around; its view is also a real feast for the eyes. The combination of cool, azure and white colors creates a picturesque scene that leaves no one unmoved. Add that atmosphere to your own bathroom with a bathroom photo splash back with ocean wave. Take a look at the collection of beautiful ocean waves and choose the photo you like best. A bathroom printed splash back is a unique way to give your bathroom a unique, personal touch. Made of glass or acrylic glass and precisely tailored to the centimeter, so that it fits perfectly into your bathroom interior.

Printed bathroom splashbacks Blue and aquamarine color sea waves and yellow sand with white foam isolated on white background. Marine beach background

2. Wall mural with tropical beach

Wallpaper that one empty bathroom wall with a wall mural with a tropical beach and you'll feel like you're on vacation all year round. Take a relaxing bath under the swaying palm trees and enjoy a beautiful sunset, while you feel completely relaxed. With a wall mural it looks like you really are on a tropical beach! Order your wall mural tailored to your walls and place it against your bathroom wall in no time, using the simple step-by-step plan.

Wall murals Barbados

3. Furniture stickers tropical leaves

Simply give your bathroom beach vibes? This is possible with a custom furniture sticker! Give that boring bathroom cabinet a personal look with a furniture sticker with tropical leaves and discover for yourself how the atmosphere in your bathroom suddenly becomes a lot lighter and more playful, just like summer! A furniture sticker is made of Vinyl and you can easily stick it on any flat and clean surface.

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Furniture stickers Tropical jungle green palm leaves seamless pattern

4. Printed roller blind with beach

The last – and also the most original – way to give your bathroom sunny beach vibes is a printed roller blind. Do you need some privacy and a relaxing view after a long working day? Then roll down your roller blinds with beach and sea and create a summery atmosphere that you can dream away to completely. You can personalize your printed roller blind with beach photo completely according to your wishes and order it exactly to size for your bathroom window, so that it fits exactly with your bathroom interior.

Printed roller blinds Beautiful vivid sunset at paradise beach Borneo Malaysia


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