5 x vintage wallpaper in the bedroom

In recent years, the love for everything that radiates 'retro' and 'vintage' has grown enormously, and with good reason. A vintage or retro living style is bursting with character. Think of colorful wallpaper motifs, lots of sixties and seventies allures and things that you can find on the antiques market. Do you want to give your bedroom a vintage eye-catcher? Then go for vintage wallpaper or photo wallpaper. In our range you will find many vintage and retro designs to make a nice statement in your bedroom. Get to know them below and find the perfect match for your bedroom interior.

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1. Wallpaper Vintage Flowers

Decorate your bedroom with a touch of nostalgia and a good dose of flower power with wallpaper from the Wallpaper Vintage Flowers collection. These wallpapers are inspired by the classic floral patterns from grandmother's time. Do you think floral wallpaper old-fashioned? not really! Floral prints certainly do not look out of place in the bedroom. Think delicate daisies, luscious roses and soft and bright colors that blow a breath of fresh air through the bedroom.

Wallpaper murals Seamless floral pattern with flowers on dark background

2. Wallpaper Retro Style

Our funky selection of Retro Style Wallpaper has a lot of fun colors and patterns to choose from. The colorful nostalgic designs will catapult you to the Pop Art era of the fifties and sixties, especially if you combine your wallpaper with other retro colors and accessories in the bedroom. Crazy about this style? Be sure to take a look at the 50s Wallpaper collection, full of lively and striking patterns with which you can create a bedroom that takes you back in time.

Wallpaper murals seamless retro pattern with flowers

3. Wallpaper Art Deco

Do you want to wake up every morning with the feeling of waking up in a chic hotel? Then Wallpaper Art Deco is the match for you! Art Deco is a glamorous style from the 1920s, also known as the Great Gatsby era. Expect wallpaper with elegant minimalist patterns and stylish colors such as white, black, dark green, dark blue and of course a lot of gold. Due to the modern shapes, this Art Deco wallpaper fits perfectly in a modern bedroom that wants to give you some vintage charm. Want to learn more about this style? Be sure to read the article: Vintage glamour: art deco wallpaper.

Wallpaper murals Art deco style geometric seamless pattern in black and gold

4. Wall Mural Retro

You can also give your bedroom a nice retro look with photo wallpaper. The collection of Wall Murals Retro contains subtle and striking designs that are suitable for both modern and more classic bedrooms. From the texture of old paper to beautiful antique black and white photos. Choose your favorite design and have your retro photo wall murals printed exactly to the size of your bedroom wall. No better way to create a beautiful retro accent wall!

Wall murals decorative vintage background grunge texture with roses

5. Wall Murals Vintage Botanical Landscape

The botanical living style has been very popular for several years and has since become a true classic. The style is characterized by lots of greenery, exotic patterns and natural materials. Add some vintage elements to this and you get an exotic combination that looks great in the bedroom. Do you want to completely immerse your bedroom in such a vintage botanical living style? Then order Wall Murals Vintage botanical landscape in large format and give your bedroom an exotic touch in which you can dream away.

Also interesting: Jungle fever! Vintage botanical landscape

Wall murals wallpaper jungle and tropical forest banana palm and tropical birds peacock birds old drawing vintage

After seeing all those nice wallpaper and photo wallpaper ideas, do you feel like taking care of your bedroom, but no idea how to start? With our wallpaper hanging instructions it is a piece of cake.



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